You focus on business goals, Crrux helps you drive the action

You focus on business goals, Crrux helps you drive the action

Businesses move ahead only if all their employees and external partners are working in sync with each other towards accomplishing a shared goal of making your customers successful. Departments and silo tools kill productivity and agility. Having each one working and collaborating on the same platform helps in keeping clarity of work processes and focusing on agile execution of work across roles, thus saving a ton of time while having reliable analytics to track and improve.

A lean, decluttered and seamless way to go digital for your business

Manage productivity and workflows for projects, sales, support and billing

Manage all your critical work flows, touch points and knowledge required for customer acquisition and success in a seamless cloud solution. Collaborate with all your internal employees and external partners in an organized and simple way.

The four apps - projects, sales, support and billing let you organize your work across teams and helps get work done swiftly by securely engaging all internal and guest users as required. For example, you can define tasks under a project and even assign it to your external vendor or partner who is responsible for executing it or just provide read access for their information, by just providing their email address. They get to access it by registering as secure guest user once.

Support requests can be posted via help page, support embed widget, or email and they get auto assigned to the support team as configured and SLAs are applied based on the organization they are received from.

Customer Engagement

​Customer loyalty and engagement is of utmost importance for the sustainability of a business. Your hive with its website and internal interface together helps you bridge the gap between your teams, customers and partners.

The website interface of your hive with blog, catalog, support and about pages enabled lets your teams post external communication via blog posts, catalog and articles in the FAQs section.All details of your business and team are displayed on the about page.

Additionally, the community forum on the support page allows open interaction between employees as well as existing and potential customers. The support widget is available on every page of your website so as to allow easy access to help articles and contact by customers, prospects and public visitors.​

Create your own marketplace

​Freelancers, micro, small or mid-sized companies can use a Crrux hive to manage the core work flows of their business and also for selling their products/services digitally.As a business if you wish to showcase and sell your products or services to your target customers, you can do so in minutes using your hive website. You can provide a smooth and seamless experience to your visitors and potential customers.

Whether it is introducing your products and services through a catalog or providing customer support or communicating your vision and mission through the about page, your hive website functions like any other website without any technical help to set it up.

All the customer side interactions can be managed by your team through the internal interface of your hive. For example, when a visitor on your website places an order on your product catalog, an order and a related deal gets created automatically in your hive which can be tracked in the sales pipeline and further billed through the billing module. All queries, support requests and interactions posted on your public support page will be organized on the basis of your set SLA rules in the support app of your hive. In this way you can manage your customer journey end-to-end.

Content management via an API

​If you have an existing company website and your requirement is mainly content management and curation then this can be possible with an API integration.

With the article and conversation items in your hive you can create HTML content, and with the help of the API integration this can be displayed on your company website under relevant blog and support pages.You can use the support embed widget on you existing site to power a dynamic self service knowledge base and posting of requests.You can store your digital media files and content on Crrux and serve it to your other applications.

The Google custom search engine integration and Web Clipper tool helps you collate web content from different sources and curate it to suit your needs. Using these tools you may share, edit and manage information and learning across your hive teams.You can even fetch this curated content via API to serve your other mobile and web apps.​​

Social learning, discovery, research and sharing with your teams

​Enable auto discovery of external knowledge and get rid of multiple subscriptions and feeds. With the Google custom search engine integration in your hive, you can define topics, people and organizations of interest (as collections) and we auto fetch filtered web content via Google. You can use this to stay updated on new information about concepts, customers, markets, people etc.

For example, if your interests involve "collaboration software", you can create a collection with that name and also specify its synonyms/similar terms like "Enterprise collaboration", "social collaboration", "digital workplace". If you activate web search on this collection then using this information we auto fetch and store curated results via Google custom search in your hive.

Once you enable your collections to fetch web updates, all followers of these collections will receive regular updates in the form of articles, news, blog posts, videos etc. In this way, your team can get organized information and share the same across the hive with all other connections.

Using the Web clipping tool you can easily collate and share web pages with your teams and enable a social learning and sharing environment. People can also use it as an Evernote alternative for managing personal knowledge.​​

Build the foundations of your community with a Crrux hive

Build the foundations of your community with a Crrux hive

Communities whether for a social cause, hobby groups or short-term event groups; keeping everyone on the same page, reaching out to all possible stakeholders and beneficiaries and keeping everyone in the loop can be a task in such groups and communities.
Engage across your ecosystem

Stay connected with all people and entities of your community ecosystem.

Subscription updates

Send updates of events, initiatives and research news to your subscribed users.

Knowledge & information sharing

Create a sharing and collaboration environment with your community members and partners.

Connect, engage, enrich and grow your community

Build an open community platform

Communities and groups working towards a common cause, similar interests or for an event can create a hive to engage, interact and share with their fellow members. Your hive can serve as a common platform for internal collaboration and administration, as a website as well as an open platform for communication. You can also let your website visitors sign up and be a member of the community hive. As an internal hive user you can create tasks, articles, billing documents, proposals and other documents related to the community’s operations. For every document that is created you can give access for reading and editing to your community users or selectively to partners.

Research and  knowledge management

A lot of research and analysis goes into the foundation of a community. Conducting secondary research and analysis involve a lot of searching, documenting and sharing of data across internal and external stakeholders. Further, funding activities requires collaboration with prospects and potential donors. In such cases, you can divide your stages of work under specific projects and tasks linked to each project, with every task allotted to the relevant doer in your team.

The external knowledge and information can be managed with the Google custom search engine integration and the Web Clipper tool. Google CSE delivers regular articles and news updates from the web into your hive, this is based on your topics of interest. Whereas, the Web Clipper lets you select, clip and share any web content directly to your hive. You can choose your reader base for each piece of content that you share based on the security needs. Co-authoring rights and drafts feature allows a group of people to work on a shared content before publishing it.

Subscribed community management

You can even use Crrux to power your interest groups/mailing lists use cases. You can directly invite your community using email address or allow vistors to subscribe to your hive/site as well.

The team managing your community or group can send daily or weekly articles or newsletters or messages as conversations. Your website has a blog page where all posts would be available to all your website visitors but in case you want exclusivity in sharing specific content with only a specific group then the subscribe feature would be beneficial to you. You can enable the subscribe option on your hive’s website so as to let your online community to drop their email address for regular updates regarding your cause.

Your internal team can compose articles and share them with the subscribed users group. All subscribers would be notified by emails to check your article. Different articles can be shared with all or a few selected people based on your need.

Collaborate with guest users

Crrux helps stay connected with the internal team as well as external volunteers, stakeholders, donors and prospects by composing and sharing of items. The hive interface has read and edit access settings for every item that is composed, thus allowing you to choose your readers and editors irrespective of whether they are an internal or guest hive user. Posting, sharing and commenting is also possible via email.

Work solo - the lean and versatile way

Work solo - the lean and versatile way

Things can get overwhelming when it comes to personal productivity and knowledge. There is constant struggle to track your personal and professional to-do’s, to keep yourself updated on knowledge that matters for your profession, to make research, journaling and blogging easier and effective.Crrux can help you manage your personal productivity, knowledge and branding needs with ease.

Enhance online identity & brand

Create your personal hive and exhibit your work, interests and opinions with a blog to build your personal brand. Interact and engage with your audience through your hive or by email.

Personal productivity & learning

Use our research and journaling tools along with filtered web content around interests via Google.

Free for lifetime

With a single admin user, you get a free hive with all its features and no limitations on the duration of your use.

Manage your digital presence, content, personal knowledge, brand and productivity

Optimize your personal productivity

Creating a hive on Crrux solves a lot of your woes when it comes to challenging personal productivity situations. Whether personal or work goals, list down all your tasks further breaking down your tasks into checklists and ticking each one according to its status.

For example, you have multiple projects queued up or tasks like writing a report, following up by emails and calls, meeting reminders and many such unrelated tasks. You can organize your work under different projects and link all related tasks to each one of the projects. It is important to identify tasks that are to be done immediately and others which can be kept for later, when you create a task in the hive you can set the priority and status of the work for each one.

Get your blog started!

If writing is your passion and you need a space where you can work and rework on that piece of article you’ve been tirelessly working on, then probably a Crrux hive is what you need.

Use your internal hive to manage drafts of unfinished blog posts, additionally version control helps keep track of your progress from start to end. Blogging process requires research and analysis, the Web Clipper tool integrated in your hive can be effectively used to simplify web research as your browse. Any web article that you think might be useful for your post can be clipped entirely or in parts and be saved along with the article source in your hive. Once you are ready to publish your blog post, you can change the access rights to your article from private to public so as to publish it on your website blog. The website of your hive functions like any other website with SEO of your public content, making it visible to Google and other search engines.

Research and  knowledge management

If your work revolves around browsing through loads of information, research based articles then a Crrux hive can definitely benefit your cause. The Google custom search engine integration in your hive will deliver to you the latest content around topics of your interests like news, research articles, blog articles etc. for your daily reading and updates. Similarly, the Web Clipper tool is a good way to save any content from the web that you might want to save for future reference or for research purposes.

When searching the web for content and come across something that might help then the Web Clipper tool lets you clip the web page in parts or as a whole depending on the content that you highlight. In this way you can clip multiple web pages, collate, edit and publish in your hive along with the source URLs.

You can create tasks and articles around your research or interest topics and further tag them under different collections or projects. For example, digitization of information can be a collection in your hive for which you get regular web updates in the form of news, research or blog articles. Whereas, you may also have a project focusing on research related to digitization, where you may link tasks like doing a primary research, writing a blog post, interviewing a faculty member and so on.