Versatile Capabilities

Crrux is a seamless software for critical productivity, collaboration and engagement needs, to power your personal, community and business related needs


Crrux provides a seamless way to manage all critical work items by engaging all your key stakeholders. It provides a simple and universal way for users to securely share different items with specific people and teams, organized around relevant collections.

With Crrux you can collaborate and engage seamlessly with internal or external people, for social conversations, articles/blogs, research, projects, sales, support, finance, and legal work flows.

Engage external users and communities through public content in the form of a website having your catalog of offerings, blog, and help center to resolve customer issues. You can also track news, blog articles and other web pages related to concepts, people and organizations with Google Custom Search Engine integration.

Manage general communication and collaboration around topics with article and conversation items. Use contact, organization and event item to manage information and interactions related to external stakeholders.


Using the global search box you can quickly find any item in your hive along with related collections and people. You can further filter items based on type, collection, and user.

Rich text editing and co-editors

Create rich text content and attach/embed image, audio, video or document files. You may give a specific individual or team only view or edit access as needed. Users and teams with edit access can update the items like an author. Work in progress content can also be saved and co edited in draft mode.


Create multiple collections based on different topics, interest areas, initiatives, departments etc. Collections help you organize items under different categories, a particular item can be tagged under more than one collection. Enable web search on a collection to auto aggregate relevant web content through Google Custom Search Engine integration.

“Add to” bookmarklet

Found something interesting on the web? Share and exchange thoughts on the topic with other hive users or store it for personal reference. Sharing of information from the web is convenient and easy using the “Add to” bookmarklet, drag, drop and add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar. It’s easy to clip, paste and share using the bookmarklet on any webpage.


The metrics driven dashboard gives you relevant statistics related to your project, sales, support and financial performance like timeliness, win ratio, SLA adherence and past dues aging.


Crrux is the solution to your engagement and collaboration needs within your company, with external collaborators or for your personal requirements. Explore how a configuration of required apps can match your varied necessities.

    • Power your blog

      Publish your company blog on the Crrux hive, and manage the related activities on a public platform

      Plan work around projects and tasks

      Have separate projects for your technical, marketing or production teams, and link various tasks along with checklists, deadlines and priorities for completion.

      Easy to track sales pipeline

      Keep all your personal or team deals and the related activities organized, and map them easily in the sales pipeline. Your range of e-commerce products or home-delivered services are displayed on the public catalog page. Maintain a bid qualification checklist for all proposals that your department or company receives

      Deliver better customer support

      Allow your stakeholders to post requests like technical requirements, problem incidents or grievances. Optimize your Help Center page with SLA compliance to cater to every customer organization according to the different requirement to gain more satisfied and happy customers. Deflect the volume of support requests with an exhaustive knowledge base about how your product works.

      Track all procurements and earnings

      Generate orders every time a visitor clicks on the order button of a t-shirt design or a support plan on your catalog page. Further, link invoices of the purchase orders and keep account of every customer order.Maintain a legal compliance checklist for all contracts/agreements signed with your regular vendors, suppliers or customer organizations, and link it to the related deals, proposals and organizations.

      Get notified of every event

      Get notified about upcoming events, be it a meeting with a prospective client, investor or a must- attend digital workshop

      Get regular web updates

      Integrate Google custom search and web enable specific collections relevant to your sales, accounting teams or for your entire firm, and keep them updated with trending web content displayed on the homepage.

      Clip,paste and share with the bookmarklet

      Using the “Add to” bookmarklet share a budget report or an article explaining innovative technological hacks with your team in hive. The bookmarklet allows you to clip webpages, tag them to specific collections and share information with users following the tagged collections.

      Organize all contact information

      Keep a record with complete details of all your partners, vendors, customers as well as internal hive members with the contact and organization items.

      Work and edit together

      Give your team members co- editing rights and make multiple edits to any item.

      Tell everyone about yourself

      Whether you are a small, medium or a large company, the about page is the face of your company. Give a brief summary about your company vision/ mission and the team behind the feat.
    • Power your blog

      Publish a community blog to let the society know about your initiatives, fundraising campaigns and forthcoming events

      Plan work around projects and tasks

      A new social awareness campaign, a reading club or the development plan for your residential society, compile all project data and related tasks along with a checklist.

      Easy to track sales pipeline

      The catalog page is the place for you to sell varied handmade products or your own merchandise to raise more funds for your organization. Manage sponsor deals on your sales page in an organized pipeline.

      Deliver better customer support

      Manage feedback from the community, water supply related grievance in your residential society, requests for volunteering or media coverage, all on the Help Center page. The community forum is the public platform for people to interact regarding your social cause or to strike a conversation with an alumnus from your alumni group.

      Track all procurements and earnings

      Manage Contracts and Agreements related to sponsors, investors related to your NGO or an annual maintenance contract of your housing society.

      Get notified of every event

      Upcoming events like field work, campaigns, donation camps, community gatherings can be posted on your public page using the event item with the necessary description, timings and location.

      Get regular web updates

      Web enable collections and Google CSE to receive interesting web items concerning the cause of your community or recruitment and job trends for your alumni group.

      Clip,paste and share with the bookmarklet

      Use the “Add To” Bookmarklet to clip and publish articles relevant to your community’s interests.

      Organize all contact information

      Manage and get easy access to a list of all your alumni members, sponsors, clients and partners which are stored as Contacts or Organizations.

      Work and edit together

      Give co- editing rights to create and edit a document, proposal or any other item as a group, save it as a draft or publish directly.

      Tell everyone about yourself

      Tell the community about your work for the society, how you do it and the people involved in the deed through the about page.
    • Power your blog

      Manage a blog to share your views, opinions or ideas. Let your blog readers express their likes/ dislikes for your posts, share the posts on social media or engage with them by replying to their comments.

      Plan work around projects and tasks

      Maintain a to-do list of all commitments whether personal or related to your freelance business. Organize tasks like the shopping list for your little bakery or the requirement list of a promotional video order, and link them to the related Projects.

      Easy to track sales pipeline

      Manage your consulting clients or the dozens of proof-reading orders you receive as deals, which are automatically created when you get the order from the catalog page. Manage them in a well laid out sales pipeline each with the complete details of the order.

      Deliver better customer support

      Enable the help center page and be open to any type of feedback from your customers whether it is a suggestion, grievance or reviews about your logo designs, legal services or art- craft offerings.

      Track all procurements and earnings

      Keep your customer and client Orders and Invoices organized, by linking them to your Keep all orders/ invoices organized, whether from individual customers or an annual contract with an IT firm.

      Get notified of every event

      Don’t miss any Events whether it’s a dear one’s birthday, a consultancy contract meeting or a conference for independent physicians.

      Get regular web updates

      Create collections for your project research or hobby/interests and get regular news/ updates by enabling Google CSE, follow and invite your friends and family to follow the collection.

      Clip,paste and share with the bookmarklet

      An interesting article on clay modelling techniques or freelancing blog posts, use the “Add to” bookmarklet tool to store or share any content from the web.

      Organize all contact information

      Manage all your customer contact details or any supplier or partner organization details you might want to save.

      Work and edit together

      Share a specific graphic design or video with your customer for approval before delivering the final order.

      Tell everyone about yourself

      Tell the web community about yourself and publish your personal bio on the about page

Work Apps


Manage your day-to-day tasks

Create projects and tasks with a timeline. Bring clarity and focus to work by using checklist and by assigning/sharing tasks with only related people or teams. Stay on top of things with metrics driven dashboard and feeds highlighting tasks that need attention.

You may invite external collaborators like customers, partners or vendors to your hive, or only share the necessary content with them to get approval, inputs, suggestions and to discuss the progress of a project as a team. All in one place!


Unify your sales process

View and assess all your sales deals in different stages of the pipeline. Customize the pipeline to fit your unique sales process with multi-currency support.

Display, market and sell your products and services on your Crrux powered website, by activating the /catalog public page and also manage lead to payment flow.

Create, share and edit marketing and sales collateral with your team and organize using collections. Link proposals to specific sales deals. Use bid qualification checklists to increase compliance and conversion rates.

Help Center

Help your customers help themselves

Create a comprehensive and organized knowledge base of the frequently asked questions, product documentation, help articles or user manuals at one place. Gain happier and more satisfied customers by enabling effective self-service and faster resolutions. Significantly reduce/avoid tickets and provide responsive support.

Manage your support operations efficiently. Maintain transparency in the entire process by giving regular updates and details to your customers. Share private and agent notes for collaborating with internal users for resolution.

Create and manage service level agreements (SLAs) for different customers with auto-assignment and escalation rules. Define priorities and resolution time for different types of requests. Get alerted when a request needs attention.

Enable auto-responder along with auto-suggestion to automatically show a list of help articles based on the keywords typed in the request form, thus reducing the volume of recurring tickets/requests.

Shared Services

Keep track of all your transactions

Keeping track of orders and invoices is hassle-free with Crrux. Link your deals or offerings and maintain an organized record of all the orders and invoices, received or issued.

Auto-fill orders from deals and invoices from orders. Avoid errors and increase compliance of all procurement & earnings related transactions. Send orders and invoices on email with attached pdf version. You can also securely share specific orders and invoices with related parties.

Manage and track all your contracts and agreements in a single place. Securely collaborate with external parties for defining the agreement terms etc. Maintain full compliance with legal checklist and by linking related tasks, organizations, orders, deals or proposals.

Public Engagement

Collaborate internally as well as externally

Your personal, community or business related Crrux hive can also act as a public site to tell the world about yourself, your interests or your business. You can activate and configure /catalog, /blog, /help and /about pages as required. The pages will only display relevant items that are marked for public access and will also be visible to search engines. By default all public pages are disabled, you can activate them anytime.
Catalog Page
Display a collection of products you want to sell or the varied services you offer as a catalog with rich details and take one click orders.
Blog Page
Publish a compelling blog to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with your target audience. Allow visitors to participate and share their opinions by commenting, following, sharing and liking your posts.
Help Center Page
Manage all your requests like tickets, inquiries, feedback. Solve most of your customer queries through a comprehensive knowledge base, community support to minimize the volume of support requests. Set up service level agreements (SLAs) to prioritize resolution.
About Page
Describe the purpose of your hive along with contact information and brief profiles of your team.

Manage customers, partners, vendors and public visitors

Keep a record of all your contacts whether external or internal, with their complete details. Each time a public visitor engages with you, Crrux adds the details to your contacts database.

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