Title:What do I get by integrating Google Custom Search Engine (CSE)?
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What do I get by integrating Google custom search engine?     

Today everyone needs to stay updated on what's happening in the world and especially what matters most to their personal and professional needs. All of us use one or multiple ways like RSS feeds, alerts and subscriptions.  But all of these ends with more noise than curated stuff.

You can make life easy, get relevant alerts organized by topics that matter to you most, by integrating your Crrux hive with your Google Custom search service (you need a Gmail account to use it). 

Crrux will auto fetch relevant public web content via Google's Custom Search Engine service, from only a custom set of defined websites and URLs, around the collections of your choice (ones with web search ON), at regular intervals.

Integrating Google custom search engine also allows you to display your organization's location on the About page of your website.