Title:What is Add to Crrux web clipper and how to use it?
Type of article:Documentation
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What is a web clipper?

You visit tons of websites and read dozens of articles and news items, there are several articles that you find interesting or useful and would like to save for future reference. The web clipper tool of Crrux allows you to clip any web article and share it in your hive. 

What are the prerequisites for using it?

Click on the hives menu in the top right corner of the screen , you will find the web clipper button image as shown in the image below:

Drag and drop this add to crrux button to your browsers bookmarks bar to activate it.   

How to use it?

You may come across an interesting piece of article while browsing on the web, you may easily save this to your hive with the web clipper tool.

While on the webpage of your interest, simply click on the “Add to” which is added to your bookmarks bar. A panel will open on top of the page displaying your hive screen with the compose page, select the portions of the article which you wish to save by clicking on them, the selected portions will be highlighted.  When you are done marking the clips, click on the hive panel and click on   button above the editor . You may then either save the content as a draft or publish it to your hive by giving the relevant access rights. 

Crrux web clipper in action: