Title:What are the different types of users in a hive?
Type of article:Documentation
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Every Crrux  hive can have the following types of users:

  • Admin users :  These are registered users with admin privilege.  They can manage all the hive settings, other users, payment and other functions.  Each hive can have multiple admins.  Any admin user can promote normal registered users as an admin user.  All admins have the same access privilege.

  • Internal users :   These are normal registered users with no admin privilege. They have access to all the non-admin features of the hive.

  • Guest users :   These users have access to the specific item(s) which have been shared with them. Admin or internal users can share any item(s) with guest users via email with a secure link to that specific item only. The guest only sees what you share with them and can reply or edit the item depending on the access granted to them. Further, they can engage with your public content  i.e. like/dislike, comment or  share by  simply entering their email address.