Title:What are SLAs and how to setup the same?
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What are SLAs?

SLAs i.e. Service Level Agreements are standards which help manage your ticketing cycle. Create, set and manage SLAs to meet varied customer expectations and compliance. Specify priorities and resolution time for different requests so as to organize your support activities. Enable an escalation process and email notifications to track and solve any requests that violate the SLA rules. 

How to set up an SLA policy?

The SLA settings can be managed by admins only. Go to the left nav bar > Manage > Hive settings > SLAs.

The default SLA policy applies when specific SLAs are not added. 

The following steps will guide you through the setting up of a new SLA policy:

  • Click on "Create SLA policy"

  • Enter the SLA policy name and description, and set the limits for different priority levels- critical, high. medium and low. 

  • Set a time limit for the respond within (the time limit within which the request should be attended to) and resolve within (time limit within which the request should be resolved) fields. Select between calendar hours and business hours for the operational hours field. 

  • Escalation email option selection will send an automatic email to a higher authority / in-charge in case the SLA rules are violated.

  • "Apply this to" option allows you to select specifictype, sourceand/ or  organization  to which these SLA rules will be applicable to.

What happens when this SLA is violated?

If a particular request is not responded to within the time duration set in the SLA, then an escalation email will be sent to the related user (doer). 

Further, an escalation hierarchy can be added for a request not getting resolved within time i.e. if a request violates the set SLA rules then a higher authority can be notified by email. You may even add multiple people according to hierarchy for the escalation of the issue.