Title:How to add and use the Crrux bookmarklet
Type of article:Documentation
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Crrux Bookmarklet

How to add?

In the hive menu (top right corner) you will see this Bookmarklet image .  Drag that image to your browser's favourite/bookmarks/shortcuts bar to get it activated. 

Doesn't work? then right click and select "add to Favourite " / "Bookmark this link ". Please refer to specific instructions for different web browsers below.

Specific instructions for different browsers


Drag the Bookmarklet to Firefox's Bookmarks Toolbar. If it is not visible, go to View menu, select Toolbars and check on Bookmarks Toolbar.

 Google Chrome

Drag the Bookmarklet to Chrome's Bookmarks Bar. Press SHIFT + CTRL  / COMMAND(iOS)  + B if the Bookmark Bar is not visible.


Drag the Bookmarklet to Safari's Bookmarks Bar, you can view Bookmarks Bar by pressing the keys CTRL/COMMAND(iOS) + Shift + B

  Internet Explorer 8

Right click on the Bookmarklet icon and select Add to Favourites from the context menu, you will get a security alert window click on Yes and select Favourites Bar from the Create in drop down menu. If your Favourites Bar is not visible please enable it by right clicking anywhere on the empty area of the Internet Explorer's toolbar and click on Favourites Bar.

How to use?

Once added, you will see {Add to Crrux} button in your browser bookmark/favourites bar.  You can click on this button whenever you are on a web page and wish to save the same in your Crrux hive.

On clicking the button, the compose page of Crrux will appear on top of the web page with basic information of the page auto filled.  You may further edit the details and then save it as a draft or publish in your hive.