Title:How to Start a Logo Designing Business | Final Part
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In the previous part of the series, we talked about the workplace selection for your logo designing business. In this last part of How to Start Logo Designing Business series, we will talk about running the business by leveraging an ecosystem of tools offered by Crrux viz Website, Project Management, Billing, Sales, 


In your Logo Designing business, the first thing that your prospective clients look for is a website. It is indeed very obvious to have a website. But the best part about the website offered in the crrux platform is the DIY customization. You will have complete creative liberty to modify the look of your website with DIY based customization tools. You will be free from costly website designers and other service providers. There won't be any delay

Catalog page 

Then they look for previous work sample or portfolio or catalog. You will need a website with a catalog page feature where you will be showcasing all the projects that you may have done before. The catalog page will be your portfolio page with all the artwork and commissioned work that you may have done so far.

About Us Page

People seek trust before parting away with their money. They will prefer to become your paid client only if they trust you. It is your duty to build trust with your clients. Relationship and trust with your customers can be built when they get to know more about you. You can ensure that by telling the real story behind the Logo Designing business that you will be running. If you are working with your team, showcase them to add human touch and credentials to your business.


On top of this, having a blog is one of the best ways to promote your brand and act as free marketing machinery. Use it wisely and get rewarded with loyal clients. It helps you to engage with customers and get more traffic with search engines.

Sales Management and E-commerce platform

As a logo designing business owner, you can offer your services on an hourly basis or charge per project.

You can showcase such offerings and lay out the expectations clearly. Whenever a client orders your specific service, they will be making payment through crrux's e-commerce platform. After successful payment, you will be notified to start working on the project.  It’s highly recommended to start working on a project only after receiving partial payment.

In the case of direct selling, you can track the journey of your lead at each stage in a sales pipeline through Kanban boards. This monitoring will ensure that you will be able to jump in cases where the lead is not moving ahead to incentivize and push them ahead for the sale to happen.


While running your business you will be approaching customers directly. In that case, you can maintain the records and track their progress. You need to maintain your contact list meticulously. Businesses get orders from their old customers easily. There is minimum friction from repeat customers to use your services again.


Once you get the order, you can focus on proper execution and smooth delivery of the project as per the client’s input.

You can keep a separate record for each project. This will ensure that you are properly tracking the progress of each project.

Once you have created project details, you have to create multiple tasks necessary for the execution of each project.

In the case of logo designing business, it will be 

  • Client inputs with a checklist of SOP 
  • Prototype 1 production client approval with a checklist of SOP 
  • Revision request handling with a checklist of SOP
  • Additional revision request handling with a checklist of SOP
  • Client’s final approval & Logo files delivery with a checklist of  SOP
  • Transfer of IP rights with a checklist of SOP
  • Requesting testimonials from a client with a checklist of SOP

Not only that, you will be able to assign tasks to other team members who may be working on contract or as freelancer due to their expertise in a certain area. This way you can assign specific tasks to concerned team members with different access rights. 

Proper project management ensures smooth execution and delivery of your project.


In case you are charging per hour, you will be able to send an invoice. The billing tool have all such features to cater to your billing needs, recurring invoice generation and proper of tax records maintenance and collection.


Sometimes, your prospective customer may try to connect to you for resolution of their pre-sales or post sales issues. It could be generic questions which can be serviced via the FAQ section in your website or specific question by sending you a direct message via chat.

You will be able to handle such requests in a single dashboard and assign them to specific team members. It will enable you to track all the support queries or doubts of your customers and keep them happy. Happy and satisfied customers are the highest converting source of marketing.

Web Feed

While running your Logo Designing business, you can also keep up with the latest trends & updates related to your business. Try to leverage Web feed powered by Google Custom Search API and get updates in the form of industry-specific news, articles or research papers. It will ensure that your team members are up to date with the latest trends and research in their arena.

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