Title:How do I create a collection?
Type of article:Support Solution

There are two ways to create a collection:

  1. While creating an item, just above the publish button area you will see a field to specify collections        
  2. Based on your title and item description, you will get suggestions of existing collections, click on any of them to tag the item.
  3. If the suggestions do not show you the collections that you want then start typing the name of the collection, it will appear in the matching collections list if it already exists. If it does not exist then it will appear in green, clicking on it will create the collection.
  4. Alternately, you may go to the collections page from the left side panel. You will see the collections page link with a green button to create a  new collection 
  5. Another way to add or search an existing collection is via the Collections page, the link of which is available in the left navigation panel. On the Collections page, you can type the name of the collection you are searching for in this space