Title:How do I compose an item?
Type of article:Documentation

There are 13 different item types available in your Crrux hive as given below:

  • Conversation

  • Article

  • Contact

  • Organization

  • Project

  • Task

  • Deal

  • Proposal

  • Offering

  • Request

  • Order

  • Invoice

  • Contract / agreement

You may create and manage your work as required by using these 13 item types. The necessary information fields are present in all the item types to capture comprehensive data related to the item.

It is easy to compose any type of item in your hive, using the universal compose menu       . The compose button is always visible on the top right side of your hive on all the pages. Just hover over the button and all the item types are displayed based on your hive settings.

Once an item compose form is open, and you wish to switch to another item type, you may do so by selecting the desired type from the dropdown next to the item type icon e.g.  .

You may also click on the compose button , and depending on which page you currently are on, relevant item type form will be opened. The following table shows the item type that is  opened by default on different pages:

 Page Item type that opens on clicking compose button
 Homepage Article
 Projects Tasks
 Sales Deal
 Help Request
 Contacts Contact