Title:How to add users to your hive?
Type of article:Support Solution
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Step 1) 

  •  Click on the hamburger menu on the top left of your hive.

  • From there click on the    button.


  • Click on the Invite option present on the top right of your hive. 

Step 2)

  • You can send invites either by entering email addresses of individuals you want to invite or upload a .csv, .xlsx or .xls file consisting of emails of individuals you’d want to invite.  

Step 3)  

  •   After you’ve entered said emails and click on the next button, you will need to select the users you want the invite sent to by clicking on the check box.

  • You can also divide the users into categories- External, Internal and Admin.

  • External users are those who can view and edit items that have been specifically shared with them. Internal* users are those who can create, edit and share in the hive and post externally as well. Crrux charges per internal users only.

  •  Admin are the internal users who have the power of managing hive settings. There can be more than one admin.

Step 4)

  • Customize your invite message or go ahead with the default and click on Invite.