Title:How do filters work?
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Filter display

On various pages you see a set of tabs, a search and compose box band along with filters and a feed of relevant items  as a list or boards.  

You can filter any feed using the relevant options in the  filter drop down menu.

The filters are organized by different properties or associated fields and the various applicable values are shown below along with the count of such items.

Applying and removing filters

You can click on any value under various properties to apply that filter and reload the feed in that context, clicking again will remove the filter.  To reset all filters, you may use the reset option in the filter drop down.

How are results displayed

The counts and value options under a filter property are dependent on the current set of filters applied, at times you may see count as 0, but it will change as you apply that option.  Some options will disappear as they may not be applicable in the context of current filters applied.