Title:How do I manage the help center content and community?
Type of article:Documentation
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Every hive has a help center public page.   By default the page is not activated, admin users can activate it from the Manage > Hive Settings > Pages

The help center public page enables your customers and prospects to access your public knowledge base of articles for self help and learning about your products and services. They can also contact you for various enquiries related to support, sales, media etc. by posting a request.

The help center public page consists of  these main sections:

  • Help center page banner with inline search box
  • Help guides

  • FAQs and community tabs

  • Help center button for self help and posting requests or community conversations (this also appears on all public pages of your hive)

The FAQs tab displays all article items of type documentation and support solution, marked for public access.  

The community tab features all the conversations posted by non-registered users or conversations marked for public access. These conversations might be questions related to your product or service offering, feedback, ideas or a new requirement suggestion or simple hacks that the public user might want to share. 

Anyone is free to share and reply to conversations posted in the community. The community helps converge ideas, opinions and provides a common platform for everyone to share their thoughts regarding your offering.

Admin users can curate and moderate the public conversations using the report issue feature.