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In the previous blog, we have discussed how to set up an Instagram shop that you may use to sell something you’re passionate for and make selling through Instagram work. In this blog we will discuss the legal aspects regarding selling on Instagram, which may seem complex as selling through Instagram is fairly new, still, legal stuff should be figured out as a priority.

Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice. Please consult the authorized personnel. We are not liable for any consequence of any action taken by you relying on the material information provided in this article. This piece of content is for educational purpose only.



The first thing you’ll need to do to get started with Instagram Shopping is checking that your country is currently eligible for the feature. If it isn’t, you’ll need to wait until the feature rolls out into more countries.


Your business must comply with Facebook’s merchant agreement and commerce policies. Your Instagram business profile must be connected to a Facebook Page. Facebook Pages with the Message to Buy payment option will need to delete and create a new Shop with another payment option before they can use shopping on Instagram. Please note that country or age restrictions on your Facebook Page will not carry over to your Instagram account.


Your Instagram account must be converted into a business profile.With a business account, you'll get access to business features and Instagram Insights. These tools can help you better understand who is engaging with your business on Instagram. You can also adjust the privacy of your profile in your Settings at any time.Primarily sell physical goods. Your Instagram account must be a business that primarily sells physical goods. They are continuing to test this feature and hope to expand availability to more accounts in the near future.


Before you start your operations, you have to ensure that you are not violating the local laws. There are many restrictions in place based on the location of your operations that prohibits certain types of business activity. You have to ensure that your business is not in violation of those laws. Also, you should procure all the license and permit to conduct your operations on Instagram Store.


Lawsuits are unavoidable so you have to be ready for them. Clients can get creative if they are annoyed and determined to sue you for any reason. You need to have a proper action plan in case of scenarios where you have to face lawsuits.


So far, we have covered the basic legal aspects that you, as a new entrepreneur, need to take care of. Instagram will be rolling out additional analytics tools for brands who use the feature in the near future – this will really help you to gauge the success of your Instagram Store campaigns.  

Stay tuned for more on sales through unconventional platforms.

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