Title:Enhanced stats display and flexibility to configure public pages of website - v4.1 RC4598 Release Notes
Type of article:News


  • New look and feel for statistics

  • New functionality: Configure website pages with pre-styled sections and settings

New look and feel for statistics

If you are a frequent user of metrics and statistics then the latest revamp of the statistics panel is going to make your work much better. A major change in the statistics panel is that you can now check the metrics for yourself as well as for other users in the hive. Thus, giving you an overview of the way work is progressing.

The statistics on Projects, Sales, Support and Billing together give you insights on workload, timeliness of work, sales deals status, SLA compliance and transaction metrics. The table view on the Projects page has been improved so that you can get a quick overview of the overall status and priorities of your tasks. The "Overall Deals Size" section in the statistics on Sales page has been improved with a filter to view by currency. To give you a glimpse of the improvements, we have attached sample screens of the Projects statistics panel. For more details, check the statistics panel of various app pages in your hive.

New functionality: Configure website pages with pre-styled sections and settings

If you are using Crrux to manage a website and having an online identity is important to you, then this update will help enhance the overall look of your website and the various pages.   

We have added a number of settings to help you showcase your business and give focus to what matters most to you. You now have the ability to add pre-styled sections to construct your web pages as desired.  

An array of section layouts have been added on every page so that you can add sections with different layouts according to the website content you wish to display.   Options to configure each section like align your title, descriptions and images to suit your requirement.  The image below shows the different section layouts available.


You can experiment with different colors, frames, background images for all your website pages. As well as add and remove sections, columns, rows and display cards to suit your requirements. Check the image below for a glimpse of the new settings.