Title:Demystifying Digital Workplace
Type of article:Insights/Blog

Thats the problem with jargons created by analysts, rather than simplifying a concept they end up complicating it to the extent that even a basic definition itself becomes subjective and thus confusing and requiring demystifying posts.

Having said that, a largely acceptable definition of “Digital Workplace” is still evolving, refer to this page to understand the evolution so far.

Based on what I think is the right way to look at it, let me make an attempt to demystify “Digital Workplace” and the best way to do that is to understand WHAT IT IS and WHAT IT IS NOT.

A digital workplace IS about:

  • Performing work using digital tools & experience
  • Managing work comprehensively and not as a set of broken work flows and for substantial improvement in mainly quality(experience is also part of it) , productivity and engagement
  • Digital tools covering mainly communication, collaboration, knowledge management, business applications, productivity and experience
  • Managing digital experience, not just for employees but across your ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers, volunteers etc.
  • Needs to be seamless as silos kills experience and productivity
  • Covers interplay among people, process and technology for substantially better execution of strategies

A digital workplace IS NOT about:

  • A technology but a concept that may cover almost all contemporary technologies (hardware and software) like UCC, BPM, Collaboration, AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR/MR, Blockchain, 3D Printing, RPA, Robotics
  • Retrofitting and integrating legacy applications, rather they are the crux of the problem in current scenario
  • About paper based systems and social interactions, idea is that people should be able to perform work from anywhere anytime.
  • Just making workplace physical to digital, but to do it in a way it helps in meaningful Digital Transformation of a business with substantial improvements from previous broken and siloed state (app swarm) of using various technologies
  • Technology first, but is more about business first and substantial/radical improvements

You may read more about Seamless Digital Workplace here

Happy to know views of others, please share via comments.

Because knowledge is dynamic and collective knowledge is even better :)