Title:Crux of digital transformation failures - multiple collaboration & communication tools
Type of article:Insights/Blog

Digital transformation is an imperative but success rates are low, why?

Its because we are unable to overcome the inertia to think fresh.  Rather than applying common sense to innovate and solve problems, we wish to just apply multiple cool tools in different categories and hope for success, which evidently is not happening .

You may look at some digital transformation trends for 2018 and beyond in this CIO article, to see what is on organization's radars right now,  as well as once hot initiatives that are beginning to cool down.

The most important trend that is cooling down for good is using multiple tools for collaboration. These silos of  cool tools are actually hampering productivity.

Excerpts from the article:

The days of using lots of different collaboration tools are numbered, observers say. In one company alone, you might find Slack, Chatter, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Trello, Office Planner, LinkedIn communities, and countless other offerings.

While the competition may prompt new levels of utility and innovation, “it's driving users and IT crazy,’’ says Mike Fitzmaurice, vice president of workflow technology at Nintex. “We're approaching the point where organizations are going to have to pick winners and invest in their usage and adoption, or people are going to give up and go back to email.”

When figuring out which tool to use takes more time than doing the actual work, Fitzmaurice says, “we have paralysis, not productivity.”

Its time to think of new age tools like Crrux, that are designed and developed to make us collaborate seamlessly and for the purpose of having a seamless customer and employee experience.