Title:Can I have my own blog page? How can I manage it?
Type of article:Documentation
Start writing...:

You can use your Crrux hive to power your personal/group/community/company blog.

  • Compose and publish articles as blog posts (except of type documentation and support solution) by using the green universal compose button on the top right corner. 

  • Type your blog post using the rich text editor, where you may attach images or embed videos inline, create tables or rich text as required.

  • Set the view rights for the article to "Anyone, including public/ not signed in users can view" i.e. any registered or non-registereduser can see it on your public blog page.

    How to make your blog page visible to the public?

    Similar to other public pages, you can also activate the blog public page. Hive admins can change these settings by following the below steps:

    • Go to Manage > App settings > Public pages
    • Enable / disable your blog public page, enter details like page name, tagline and a short description to tell your readers about your blog.
    • For enabling Google SEO for your blog, add keywords for the Google search engine to show your blog in the relevant search results.